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We start at the beginning, and we come to the end.

Statements are sex.

The Sex Statements Community
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All Members , Moderated
sex_statements is for those times when you saw something incredibly erotic that you just need to share with someone, came up with a germ of an idea for a story, or just plain got lucky.

Want to tell us how hot your romantic partner/significant other is, how you got hit on by a reality show contestant, or how your upstairs neighbors have the most interesting cris d'amour? Just have to let someone know how much you want to bite the cute behind of your paperboy/girl? Go for it! As long as it's in a single, complete sentence and isn't a grammatical horror or a mass of writhing tentacles from some X-rated Japanese cartoon or Pirates of the Caribbean 3 fanfic, you can stick it here!


1) Entries must be in the form of a single declarative sentence (ending with a period or exclamation point). This applies even if your statement is a direct quotation. No exceptions. Comments don't have to follow this rule at all. Comments can be anything, as long as they do not violate Rule #2.

2) While saying negative things about other people or things is okay, slurring is not. Race, gender, color, orientation, religion, etc. are not acceptable reasons for attack. Drama is tolerated. Solicitations are not. Explicit statements are OK, but no images or trolling posts are permitted. This is not a cybersex or porn exchange group. If you need help, read sextips.

3) Proper grammar and spelling are nice, but we aren't strict about it.

4) Tell the cool people on your friends list. There can never be too many sexy statements!

Based on statements and sad_statements!

Our affiliate community: sex_frust_anon

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